BBL: Adam Zampa defends decision to appeal for run out at non-striker’s end

Melbourne Stars skipper Adam Zampa has said he was well within his right to run Tom Rogers out at the non-striker’s end in the Big Bash League (BBL) game against Melbourne Renegades on Tuesday, though the appeal was dismissed by the TV umpire.

Renegades won the match by 33 runs at MCG on Tuesday with the Stars unable to chase down a modest 142-run target.

On Tuesday, as Zampa completed his follow-through and was on the verge of releasing the ball to Mackenzie Harvey, he turned back and dislodged Rogers’ bails and signalled to the umpire to give marching orders to the batter.

However, unperturbed by Zampa’s call, the umpire first reasoned out with the bowler, telling him that his arm had gone past the ‘vertical’ — the point where the ball is deemed to be bowled. He then checked with the TV umpire, who also came up with the same verdict, thus giving Rogers a reprieve.

Despite social media criticism and some Australian players too expressing surprise, Zampa stuck to his stand on Wednesday, saying he was only following the rile book.

“I think I was well within my right to do it, it’s in the rule book, it’s well within the rules,” Zampa was quoted as saying by SEN.

As per the laws of cricket, bowlers can only complete a run out at the non-striker’s end before finishing their bowling action, while in Zampa’s case he had completed his bowling action. The TV umpire had no hesitation in giving Rogers not out.

The 33-year-old Zampa added his attempted run out came after Rogers repeatedly kept sneaking out of the crease.

“Tom Rogers (was) running out of the crease before I had bowled… it (is) to his advantage. I bowled a good ball to Mackenzie Harvey which should have been one (run instead of two) if he (Rogers) hadn’t done that. I thought he’s definitely done something he shouldn’t have,” said Zampa.

“So I thought that ball if he doesn’t want to be on strike then I’ll make it a bit easier for him. I think I was well within my right to do it, it’s in the rule book, it’s well within the rules.” Zampa, however, said he got it all wrong, adding he should have rippled off the bails before his his arm had gone past the ‘vertical’.

“I just got my technique wrong, he (Rogers) was almost halfway down the wicket.

I’m a very competitive guy so I guess I saw red a little bit when he (Rogers) used that (out of his crease) to his advantage.”

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