Emiliano Martinez impact: Satellite named after Argentina goalkeeper arrive in space

A satellite named after Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez has been launched by Elon Musk’s SpaceX company.

Earlier this week, Argentine satellite company Innova Space has announced that two new picosatellites will be launched in January 2023 to join its Libertadores de América constellation.

The two new low-orbit satellites, named Dibu Martínez and Juana Azurduy, will join General San Martín, the company’s first satellite, which was launched last January.

As explained by the CEO of Innova Space, Alejandro Cordero, they have decided to rename the picosatellite which was initially called Simón Bolívar, and name it after the world champion goalkeeper of Mar del Plata, and leave the name of the Libertador for the next development.

“This event showed everyone that nothing is impossible. The dream has become a reality created by Innova Space. Now, another from Mar del Plata like our students is today a new example that everything is possible if we really put our passion and work into it. “Dibu” and the entire national team brought us the most desired Cup in Argentina after 36 years, won also thanks to perseverance, without ever giving up”, said Alejandro Cordero.

Dibu Martinez was one of the heroes of the final, stopping a shot on goal in the last minutes of extra time against France and then saving Kingsley Coma’s penalty in order to give the title to the Argentine team after more than 36 years.

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