Federer & his Backstreet Boys dubs: new book narrates adorable anecdote from wife Mirka

Remember that video with Roger Federer and other tennis stars standing around a piano, crooning or dubsmashing away to Backstreet Boys’ ‘Hard to say I’m sorry’? Where Novak Djokovic videobombed with Nick Carter relish?

With Christopher Clarey’s ‘The Master- Roger’s biography’ due soon, Miroslava Vavrinec – Mirka, former player and married to Federer has offered how she was deeply unimpressed with his Backstreet boys riffs, on top of his lungs.

“I was rather calm and disciplined. Roger made a lot of noise,” she told the Swiss newspaper Morning in one of her interviews, as quoted by EssentiallySport. “He sang Backstreet Boys songs at the top of his lungs,” she is supposed to have said.

Roger Federer after playing as part of Team Europe at the Laver Cup in London, on Sept. 23, 2022. “I lost my job, but I’m very happy. I’m good. I’m really good,” said Roger Federer, who bid farewell to his competitive career at the Laver Cup in London. (James Hill/The New York Times)

“He was funny, full of life, he made me laugh. The coaches sometimes had to kick him off the courts to get some peace,” the book says.

Christopher Clarey’s ‘The Master- Roger’s biography’, gave Mirka’s version of how the two met. of the story. “Writers like Simon Graf have also made it a point to include this super adorable love story in their editions of Roger’s biography. Roger has, on multiple occasions, confessed that his wife is “his rock” and crucial to his successful endeavors on the court,” essentially Sport wrote.

While some pin the Federer and Mirka first meeting to the 2000 Olympics, the two were previously acquainted with each other at various tournaments and in the National Tennis Center at Bienne where Mirka trained privately or attended training camps.

Essentially Sport also excerpted another story of Federer from the Clarey book where the famous ATP coach John Smelly, of Bryan brothers, detailed one of the unheard incidents from Federer’s youth. “John Skelly, who has coached the great Bryan Brothers- Bob and Mike, among others, detailed the time when he crossed paths with the young Federer and his coach Peter Lundgren. The
legendary American coach, who has been associated with top players over the years, once met Roger Federer and his coach at Wimbledon. However, when Skelly met the 20-time Grand Slam champion, he described him as a laid-back person. He said, “Federer was pretty chill at that time.”” es wrote about his partying.

“He definitely partied and liked his beer, as did his coach. I remember in 2000 at Wimbledon, Federer was drunk as hell at a bar in Wimbledon village.”

Our verdict on Federer’s BSB dubs? He’s AJ-meets- earnest Brian if we are looking for ditto renditions.

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