India vs Australia: Peter Handscomb calls his stunning catch to dismiss Shreyas Iyer ‘absolute fluke’

Australian cricketer Peter Handscomb said his catch at the short leg of Indian batter Shreyas Iyer during the second Test between India and Australia in Delhi is an “absolute fluke.”

Handscomb told the Unplayable Podcast, “It hit me in the perfect spot to just roll up to my right and I was lucky enough to feel (the ball) going right,” he said. “I threw a couple of hands out and just managed to stay under it. There’s a lot of luck in catches like that.”

Handscomb is known to be one of the best bat pad fielders in Australia. Before the Border Gavaskar Trophy started Handscomb purchased an entire protective padding designed for baseball catchers and then flew to India.

The 31-year-old about said, “I got myself the vest to protect my chest and then the leg guards, which protects the top of your feet, your shins and then also above your knee,”

Handscomb practised extensively during Australia’s training camp prior to the series at Alur near Banglore.

“I went youths (size) so that I could still move around and it wasn’t too bulky,” Handscomb said

Handscomb speaking about how he overcame the fear of getting hit and building his confidence said, “But more than anything just to give me the confidence to stay front on when they sweep, to give me the confidence to keep my eye on the ball knowing that it won’t hurt as much.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while for bat-pad (fielding). People put keeping pads underneath their pants and stuff like that and I was like why don’t we wear more protective (gear)?” he added.

Alex Carey caught KL Rahul in the second innings where the ball rebounds off wicket Handscomb’s leg and the wicketkeeper gobbles the catch speaking about it Handscomb said, “That hit the top leg guard which wouldn’t be on a keepers’ pad, so normally that would have just hit my thigh. I would have hit the deck in pain and the catch would have just gone down. So that’s a lucky one,” he said.

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