Interactive: Visualising LeBron James’ NBA record-breaking 38,390 points

LeBron James became the NBA’s all-time top scorer on Wednesday after a 38-point performance against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Los Angeles Lakers’ 130-133 defeat. LeBron overhauled the record of Kareen Abdul-Jabbar, who set the record just months before the 38-year-old LeBron was born.

Not just the all-time scoring record, LeBron has inched closer to many of the other all-time regular season stats. He’s currently 9th in number of games played, with all eight players above him having retired. He is fourth in the all-time assists chart, ninth in all-time steals, 10th in all-time defensive rebounds, second behind only Kareem in field goals made, ninth in three-pointers made, and fourth in free throws made.

NOTE: Hover over/tap on a column in the interactive visualisation above for a breakdown of points scored by LeBron James in that season. by Amit Kamath

And those are just his regular season accolades. In his 20th season, and retirement not seeming a possibility in the immediate future, he already owns many Playoff records. He is on top of the all-time points tally, the all-time steals charts and has the most number of Playoff wins. The four-time NBA champion is also second in the number of assists given and third in the number of three-pointers made in post-season.

In this interactive, we break down his mind-boggling scoring numbers in the regular season:

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