‘It’s very difficult’: Hugo Lloris opens up on mental and physical struggles to get over World Cup episode

“That’s the demand of the competition this year. Even if sometimes you can face difficulties you just won’t give up, you want to continue, you want to push and you want to be ready for the important period of the season,” said Hugo Lloris, recalling France’s World Cup final defeat to Argentina, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

The 36-year-old goalkeeper recently opened up about the struggles he has been facing to overcome the World Cup episode.

“You have to take into consideration that it’s not a normal season. From the beginning of September, we played every three days until the World Cup,” Lloris told Daily Mail.

After tasting defeat at the hands of Argentina in the Qatar World Cup final in December, the under-fire star retired from France’s national duty. However, ever since he returned to Spurs, Tottenham’s performance hasn’t been good enough form-wise or points-wise.

Speaking about how difficult it was to readjust to life at his team on a physical and emotional level, Lloris said, “We know we have a deficit of points and we have to run after the others to get into the top four. But there are plenty of games and we have to stay confident and positive — and also we really want to reach the level that should be ours.”

Meanwhile, Spurs will hope to finish in the top four. They need at least three points when they visit in-form Fulham on Monday. They are currently six points behind fourth place with a game remaining against Manchester United.

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