‘Main dhai sau ke pass hoon, mujhe ball de yaar, woh saare chaar sau ke pass hain, mujhe ball de’: Rohit Sharma on how his bowlers react near a milestone

After dismantling Australia by an innings and 132 runs, India skipper Rohit Sharma in a post-match interview with Irfan Pathan, jokingly said that bowlers in his team, whenever they were near a milestone, asked the captain to give him the ball.

“Every one of them is near a milestone. There’s like a milestone every day. Someone is taking 5 wickets, someone takes 250 wickets, someone takes 450 wickets. So every day, someone or the other is getting to a milestone,” he said as everyone around him laughed.

“I am not really aware of the milestones. These people come and tell me, “Main dhai sau ke pass hoon, mujhe ball de yaar, woh saare chaar sau ke pass hain, mujhe ball de yaar. Mera 4 wicket ho gaya, mujhe 5 chahiye (I am near 250 wickets, give me the ball, he’s near 400, he says give me the ball. I have 4 wickets, need 5),” Rohit said about the conversations he has with his bowlers in the middle.

The captain also shared how Mohammed Siraj was bowling incessantly in a recent ODI against Sri Lanka so that he could get 5 wickets.

“In Trivandrum, Sri Lanka were bowled out I think pretty cheaply and Siraj was on 4 wickets. He bowled 10 overs in those 22 overs because he wanted 5 wickets. He wasn’t stopping so I had to tell him there’s a Test series coming up,” he said.

Sharma would again cite his “worries” while rotating the bowling between Ashwin, Axar and Jadeja in the psot match press conference.

“It’s a little tough. They are all reaching their personal milestones. Jadeja was on 249 wickets and he was telling me, ‘mere ko ball de’ (give me the ball).”

“Ashwin was on four wickets and he wanted a five-for and that was the challenge I was facing. I really don’t know too much about milestones but these guys know about it, so yeah that’s the challenge of captaining them rather than deciding which end to give them or not,” said Rohit as everyone had a hearty laugh.

“Again the three guys are quality and, you know, whichever end is more helpful, all these spinners want to bowl from that end. But pressure is always on me to find the right end for the right one.”

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