Pakistan have said they won’t come to India for the World Cup. I don’t think that’s possible: Ravichandran Ashwin

Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin believes that Pakistan not coming for the 50-over World Cup in India later in the year is not a possibility amidst the tension between the Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI) and Pakistan Cricket Board over the Asia Cup 2023 venue.

Ashwin speaking on his YouTube channel said, “Asia Cup was supposed to take place in Pakistan. But India has announced that if it takes place in Pakistan, then we won’t be participating. If you want us to participate do change the venue.”

“But we would have seen this happen many times. When we say that we won’t go to their place, they will that they will also not come to our place. Similarly, Pakistan has said that they will also not come to the World Cup. But however, I think it is not possible,” he added.

Ashwin also said that the venue of the Asia Cup might be moved to Sri Lanka.

“But the final call might be the Asia Cup moved to Sri Lanka. This is an important lead-up to the 50-over World Cup. Many tournaments have taken place in Dubai guys. I will also be pleased if it is moved to Sri Lanka.” he added.

The reiteration of India not keen to travel to Pakistan was made at the Asian Cricket Council’s (ACC) executive board meeting held in Bahrain earlier in the week.

The reason behind India refusing to travel is BCCI said it won’t get ‘clearance from the Indian government’ to travel to Pakistan to play cricket. ACC will discuss the hosts and venue next month when the committee meets again.

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