Ramiz Raja questions new PCB chief’s position on India relationship: ‘Will we be India’s servants?’

Ever since he was replaced as the PCB chief, Ramiz Raja has been hitting out against the new regime and some former players. But the other question that has risen is whether Ramiz would function as a commentator again, now that he is no longer in administration. Or will the new regime ensure that never happens?

“I have a lot of respect for Ramiz and we would never oppose him returning to the commentary box.” Najam Sethi, the new PCB chief has said.

One theme that seems it’s going to be on-going issue between Ramiz and Sethi is about Pakistan’s cricket relations with India.

Sethi has already said a few times that his administration will “go by the advice of the government”. The same stand as India’s.

Ramiz has questioned Sethi’s decision.

“What is leadership? When Asian Cricket Council has asked Pakistan to host a tournament and then India say they won’t travel to Pakistan and shift the tournament to a neutral venue, what should be the response?” asked Raja on Pakistan’s Dunya News.

Kya hum sab servant rahenge India k, kyunki woh ek world power hain apne hisab se. Kya hum har cheez unki mante jayenge?” (Are we servant of India just because they are a world power in cricket? Should we listen to everything they say?)

“We will think, will we get isolated, we’ll ask permission from the government then talks will move further. These are not signs of good leadership.

“The Pakistan cricket team is enjoying a great run, you have a good fan following, you have superstars, so please give your team and fans the respect they deserve.

“There should be a decision on the matter, as the tournament was given to Pakistan, so how can it be shifted to a neutral venue without consulting us or with the ACC members,” Raja concluded.

Sethi has also talked about the directions he is going to take with respect to coaching staff of the national team. He has said he is talks with Mickey Arthur, former coach of Pakistan.

“The national coach will be a foreigner,” Sethi once again reiterated.

“Mickey is presently contracted with Derbyshire and I have spoken to him. The situation will become clear in the next 8-10 days and we have sought his advice on the new coaching setup for the team.

“When he (Arthur) was with the team, he did a lot of good work and he was responsible for pushing Babar Azam forward. He also maintained a lot of discipline and fitness in the team. I believe he will be good for the team again if he is available.”

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