Watch: Ireland U-19 player Aoife Fisher recalls the incident when her dog interrupted a match

Ireland U-19 cricketer Aoife Fisher recalled the moment when her dog brought a cricket match to a halt, and the video went viral on the social media. In 2021 during the semi-final of the women’s Clear Currency All Ireland T20 Cup, Dazzle the dog runs onto the field and plays fetch with the ball

“I was batting. We were not doing well, we were 46 for 6. My brothers were watching the game they just let her go. She came over to me and gave me the ball. She still fetches us the ball in the garden,” Fisher said in a video posted by ICC.

“People still come up to me and says ohh you the girl with the famous dog, which is amazing.”

The sight of Dazzle racing on to a cricket field — where her owner was batting — then scampering away with the ball, pursued in vain by players from both teams. In fact, Dazzle only stopped to deliver the ball to 16-year-old Aoife Fisher who was playing for Civil Service Northern Ireland against hosts Bready.

“I was batting and, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Dazzle lying down on the ground,” Fisher had told Belfast Telegraph after the incident.

“But as the ball went near her, she sprinted on to the pitch and caught it — she was so fast!

“She did a couple of twirls and then I could see her looking for me so I went down onto my knees and called her.

“She ran towards me with the ball and she was so happy to have brought me a wee present.”

Aoife’s pilot dad Jon, mum Patricia, a solicitor, and brothers — James (14), Luke (12) and Jude (10) — were all at Bready Cricket Club in the Co Tyrone village to see the drama unfold.

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