‘You will keep quiet for 600 dollars? His electricity bill will be more than that’: Salman Butt slams Rameez Raja

Rameez Raja has signed the code of conduct to receive the pension from PCB. When he was the PCB chief, he had reportedly wanted to draw up the code of conduct for franchises’ support and coaching staff. That didn’t happen.

“He couldn’t do it against me; but he has signed up himself!” Aquib Javed says with a laugh, when asked a direct question about it. The reporter had asked him that it was said that code of conduct’s main target was Aquib who often criticises and speaks his mind on a host of issues relating to Pakistan cricket and administration.

“What’s there to say about him now; I have always maintained that you criticise the chair; not the individual. Now, Rameez can’t do anything; when he was the chairman he could have done good or bad. Now, my focus will be on Najim Sethi (the new PCB chief). We hope he will do a better job. Individuals don’t have value, it’s about the power they can wield in positions.”

Ramiz Raja had been criticising the new regime ever since he was removed as the PCB chairman. But suddenly, he requested for the monthly pension of Rs 154000 which required him to sign up the code of conduct. That will prevent him from criticising the administration. His move has led to a few digs from different quarters.

Former Pakistan captain Salman Butt, who was banned after his involvement in the spot fixing scandal, let it rip against Rameez Raja.

“You used to say, how can someone speak? We give them money. Now, you have to take the money and how much? For 600 dollars you had to sign the code of conduct. You’ll keep quiet for hardly 600 dollars? If you are right and ready to fight for truth, then what are 600 dollars? He speaks about the pension,” Butt said on his YouTube channel.

“You have an active YouTube outlet. You’re in broadcasting for the last 15-20 years. I think his electricity bill will be more than that.”

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